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Most Common Meaning of ALA

american library association

All Other Meanings and Definitions of ALA

american lung association
american lighting association
association of legal administrators
association for laboratory automation
alpha-linolenic acid
aminolevulinic acid
asia & latin america
american latvian association
american logistics association
association of licensed architects
amoebic liver abscess
association for language awareness
agricultural law association
australian lawyers alliance
applied linear algebra
assumption of liability (agreement)
associazione liberi architetti
accelerated learning academy
association of london authorities
auto mobile legal association
associate of the library association
amalgamated lithographers of america
associate in liberal arts (degree)
all letters answered (classified ads)
asian leaders association
additional listing application
army logistics assessment
atm link accelerator
aircraft load agent
american league of anglers
asociacion los algarrobos
army launch area
asynchronous line adapter
address latch attachment
alternative location algorithm
authorized level of access
advanced life administrator
automatic level adjuster
aircraft loading agent
annual loss amount
arab liberation army
afghanistan lawyers association
action learning associates
alternative learning academy
alternative learning academy
american leadership academy

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