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Most Common Meaning of ASAP

as soon as possible

Slang/Chat Meanings of ASAP

as simple as possible
as small as possible
as short as possible
as safe as possible
as slow as possible
as soon as practical

All Other Meanings and Definitions of ASAP

aviation safety action program
alcohol safety action program
always say a prayer
any service, any port
after school activities program
automatic switching and processing
american society for action on pain
academic strategic alliances program
after school academic program
alcohol substance abuse program
aviation safety action partnership
after school assistance program
automatic service activation program
adaptive sampling and analysis program
as stupid as possible
advanced strategic art program
application service access point
audio service america productions
advanced systems and products
applied securities analysis program
army scientific advisory panel
army streamlined acquisition process
anarchist skins and punks
asian shelter and advocacy project
advanced scientific array processor
always stop and pray
aerospace safety automation program
aids and substance abuse prevention
arizona student achievement program
agricultural sciences advisory panel
advanced symbolic ate programming
after september, april possibly
after school attention program
army streamlined acquisition program
antisubmarine attack plotter
aviation safety analysis program
avionics sensor adaptive planner
alcohol servers awareness program

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