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Most Common Meaning of SM

sales manager

Slang/Chat Meanings of SM

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All Other Meanings and Definitions of SM

small (size)
service mark
shopping mall
senior member
system(s) management
super mario (game)
security management
silver medal
master of science
service menu
shared memory
short message
security manager
system monitor
scientific method
system manager
service member
shoot me
support manager
senior minister
structural model
set mode
switching module
simple machine
structure model
surgical margin
small manufacturing
satellite modem
song meanings
samsung motors
security manual
student manager
single manager
scanning mode
supply manual
study manager
smart munitions
shanghai municipality
shipping manifest
supervisor manual
separation module
standby monitor
script mode
sensitivity measure
slave motor
sub memory
step-mom / mother
spider man
special message
special missions
specification manual
snooker master
social media
soldier's medal

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