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Definition of TBT

TBT: Truth Be Told

It also stands for Truth Be Told. It's another way of saying TBH (to be honest).

TBT: Throwback Thursday

This is another "holiday" Twitter and Instagram hashtag, which shows up every Thursday on both sites. The impetus behind this one is that it is an opportunity for people to share photos and info that is a "throwback" to an earlier time. For instance, on Instagram, posting a picture of yourself as a child or when you were in school, or on Twitter telling a short quip about something in your past. This is a fun way for people to learn a little bit more about each other, and to see the funny or interesting past that each of us have, but many of our followers and friends don't know about.

Source: ibtimes.com

Most Common Meaning of TBT

throwback thursday

Slang/Chat Meanings of TBT

truth be told
today's big thing
to be tested

All Other Meanings and Definitions of TBT

technical barriers to trade
technology based training
total body temperature

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